Angling Rules

1: General
1.1 All angling will be by fly, spinner or worm bait, fished in a manner unlikely to foul hook a fish.
1.2 All fish hooked other than from within the mouth shall be returned to the water as soon as practicably possible and with as little injury as possible.

1.3 It is forbidden to:
1.3.1 Use prawn, shrimp, maggot, grub, ground bait or artificial worm.
1.3.2 Use minnow without spinning attachment.
1.3.3 Use any method other than fly fishing between the published times of sunset and sunrise.
1.3.4 Fly fishing is deemed to be fishing with a fly rod, fly reel and fly line, the density of the fly line and leaders as necessary to meet the prevailing conditions.
1.3.5 Use more than one rod at any time or allow a non-member to have use of it.
1.3.6 Use a worm or worms other than threaded to a single hook with a gape not exceeding 10mm and such non-lead weight as necessary to meet prevailing conditions within the EA byelaws.
1.3.7 Use a fly with single hook gape exceeding 12mm or double or treble not exceeding 8mm.
1.3.8 Use a spinning lure with a treble hook gape exceeding 10mm.
1.3.9 Camp or caravan on association carparks
1.3.10 Park vehicles on the access road to sedgwick caravan park
1.3.11 KAA members may not sell any fish caught on ANY association water.
1.3.12 Alcohol is not to be consumed whilst fishing
1.3.13 On all fisheries anglers must be a minimum of 15meters apart and move after 3 casts.

1.4 Special Fishery rules
1.4.1 fishing is restricted to fly fishing at all times on:-
(a) waters from basinghyll bridge to 140meters upstream
{b} waters from 20meters upstream to 50 meters down stream of the crest of sedgwick gauging weir.
1.4.2 Fishing is restricted to fly fishing prior to the 1st of May and fly, spinner or worm thereafter.

2: Brown trout
2.1 Fishing for brown trout will commence on the 15th march and is restricted to fly only prior to 1st of May
2.2 It is forbidden to:
2.2.1 Kill or retain Brown trout less than 23cm in length
2.2.2 Retain more than 1 brown trout in any 1 day
2.2.3 Sell any brown trout

3: Salmon
3.1 fishing for Salmon will commence on 1st of February and is restricted to fly only prior to the 1st May upstream of a point 70m upstream of Hawes bridge
3.2 Day catch limit. 1 Salmon to retained in any one day. Annual catch total: 2 Salmon can be retained per angler per season.
3.3 Barbless or de-barbed hooks for spinning and worming from 15th October each year.

4: Contravention of general rules
4.1 Contravention of general rules 1,2 or 3 will mean instant cancellation of permission to fish.

Members should note that the committee have the power to cancel the existing permit of any person who shall, in absolute discretion of the committee , be deemed to have committed any malpractice or an act detrimental to the interests of the association, always provided that a member who has had a compliant made against them shall have the right to appear before the committee to defend their case with the complainant at the same time.

All complaints must be in writing and sent to the Secretary. they must not come through any other person. Any complaint received through a third party will be ignored.

Code of Conduct

No angler, or group of anglers, shall occupy a fishing position when any other angler is waiting to fish.

Members must refrain from any acts calculating to damage of river banks, fences, trees or crops. Members must in every way possible protect and give assistance to riparean owners and their tenants in connection with preservations of properties.

Members must report to a member of the committee, as soon as they are able, all cases of poaching, illegal methods of fishing, any act detrimental to the interests of the association, or pollution which may come to their notice.

Any person fishing the associations waters must, on demand by any member of the association, produce their current permit for inspection, show the fish taken that day and allow the same to be measured. Any person failing to produce a permit shall give their full names and addresses.

Day permits
1} commence at 06:00 for a period of 24hours.
2} will only be issued at a reduced fee of £1.00 foe a junior who will be accompanied and supervised by an adult full season member at all times while fishing.

Catch returns
All season members must make a true return of all fish taken on association waters (including a NIL return if applicable) to be received by the secretary not later than 15th November each year. failure to comply with this rule will incur a penalty of £5 on application for the next season permit. Persistent failure to comply with this rule will result in suspension of membership.

Permits must be carried at all times and any person fishing without previous payment of subscription or not in possession of a permit will be liable to prosecution.

Season permits for Local junior members will be issued at a reduced fee where applicant has not attained the sixteenth birthday by 1st January of the current year.

Killington Reservoir rules and regulations
1. Permits must be obtained prior to fishing and carried at all times.
2. Permits must be produced for inspection by any authorised members of the association. Permits are not transferable
3. Day ticket holders must complete the catch return form on the ticket and place in the catch return boxes provided or sent to the secretary.
4. Season ticket holders must complete catch return forms provided and send them to the secretary by the 31st October
5. dead bait only for pike, no taking or killing of any coasre fish (all must be returned)
6. No fires or barbecues/
7. No night fishing
8. A maximum of 1 trout may be retained each day
9. A maximum of 2 rods may be used, unless pike fishing with dead baits were 3 rods are permitted.
10. Close season Brown trout 1st October till 15th march. no close season for coasre fish
11. The association reserves the right to cancel the permit of any person, at the absolute discretion of the committee deemed to have committed an act detrimental to the interests of the association.
12. All cases of suspected poaching, illegal fishing methods, or pollution must be reported to the Secretary. Every case will be investigated by the EA.
Please use the car park where possible.