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         is a website for junior members.
The Committe would like to remind anglers of the following changes to the Sea Trout close season. The Environment Agency has amended the Close Season for Sea Trout in the North West Region (that's us). The annual Close Season for fishing for Migratory Trout with rod and line shall be the period from and including 1 October to and including 31 March following. (i.e. You can fish for trout from the 1st of April to the 30th of September).
The justification for this change is that the current Close Season in the region, with the exception of West Cumbrian Rivers (1November to 30 April), is 16 October to 30 April, and the amendment will bring the start of the Close Season for Migratory Trout into line with that for Brown Trout. The Agency believe that Brown Trout are vulnerable to by-catch exploitation under the current provisions. Identification of Brown and Sea Trout becomes progressively more difficult as spawning approaches. The onset of the spawning period for both migratory and non-migratory strains normally occurs in early October.
Annual subscriptions.
Local Adult Member £85.00                                                   
Local Junior Member £20.00        
Local Senior *£64.00                      
Visiting Member £160
Visiting Senior *£128
* OAP Concession
Entrance Fees .  Local Adult £40.00  Juniors NIL.  Visitors.  £80.00.
Short Term Permits are available to Anglers to fish the River Kent only.
Short Term Day Permits  1st.February to 31st May are £7.00 Adult £3.50 Junior. each.
Short Term Day Permits  1st June to 31st August are £20.00 Adult £7.50 Junior. each.
Short Term Week Permits  1st February to 31st May are £20.00 Adult £10 Junior. each
A NEW THREE CONSECUTIVE DAY.  Ticket for  Sept/Oct at £40 Adult and £20 Junior
Permits can be purchased from Kendal Sports Shop or Carlson's Fishing Tackle Shop  details on the Home Page.
Permits must be purchased before you fish. Permits can be booked and paid for in advance. Check with the shops for details.
(Season commences 1st February to 31st January)

Day Permits are available to fish Killington for Game or Coarse fish.
Day Adult Permit £10.00
Day Junior Permit £4.00
Adult Season permit.  £70.00 and Junior £20.00
There is a special Coarse Fish Day Permit at £5.00, available from 1st October to 14 March only.
Rules and Regulations must be adhered to and are issued at time of purchase of Permit.
Will all Anglers please bear in mind that when you fish you must be familiar with the Environment Agency Byelaws. These are different for each river in England & Wales, and copies of the Byelaws that cover our River can be obtained from the Environment Agency in Penrith Telephone 01768 866666. Your Rod Licence declares it is your responsibility to educate yourself. On top of all that your must comply with all the Rules and Regulations in your KWAA Rule Book.
Ignorance is no excuse!
Are you confident you know the difference between a salmon and a sea trout? This is most important, of course, before 16 June. If you are not familiar, educate yourself and re-visit the books, magazines, Environment Agency Bailiffs. Ask an experienced Angler and memorise the key features.
Don't Forget Anglers Sunrise and Sunset times are published weekly in the Westmorland Gazette Ignorance is not an excuse for fishing in an inappropriate manner. Common sense is needed to safely leave the Fishery before the appropriate time. If in doubt, street lighting up times is a good guide but out in the countryside you must be aware of the varying times of Sunrise and Sunset during the Season.
Membership Details
Please remember to report to the Secretary any changes of address etc to keep the records up to date. It makes it so much easier when trying to contact members.
Are you a local person looking in on our Website?
Do you live within a five-mile radius of Kendal Town Hall? Are you interested in Angling?
Have you had a buzz so far, reading about the Anglers' successes. If you are interested contact our
Secretary Application Form. Details on the Home Page.
For everyone outside the 5 mile radius, there is Visitor Membership available.
Contact the Secretary for a Visitor Membership Application Form. Details on the Home Page.
There is some cracking fishing on our waters and instead of applying for a Day or Week Ticket, which only applies to the River Kent, so you miss out on the other Fisheries, why not apply to join today. The sooner your name is on the waiting list, the sooner you will become a member!
You will need two Nominators, who must be full Kent Angling Members, to support your application. If you don't know two members simply send a letter about yourself to the secretary. and some ID to prove residency etc.
Don't forget all Anglers are encouraged to use the car parks located near the Fisheries. Keys for the locks can be purchased from Kendal Sports Shop at the very reasonable price of £5. They can also be purchased from the Secretary at the same price. The same key fits all the KWAA locks. Please bear in mind that the milk lorries also use the narrow lanes as well as farmers.
Will parents of Junior Members please remember that they should accompany their youngsters when visiting any KWAA Fishery. The Association does not take any responsibility for Junior's welfare or safety whilst they are fishing.
United Utilities have been advised by the Department of Trade & Industry and the Health & Safety Executive to carry out a Survey audit of wherever their power lines are either adjacent to, or cross waterways throughout the North West. Wherever there are offending cables UU will provide "warning" signs which are to be placed at fishery access points and "fishing prohibited" signs to be erected thirty metres either side of the power lines where they cross water. This will mean that 60 metres either side, and on both banks of a river will be out of bounds and more, if, the cables cross diagonally and the river is less than thirty metres wide.
It now transpires that United Utilities will provide "warning" and "fishing prohibited" notices and then expect the riparian owner to erect these signs where appropriate.
Our Furness & South Cumbria Fisheries Consultative Association is on UU's case!
Watch this space for further news
This safety audit will be carried out over the whole of England and Wales. If you are an Angler browsing our Website from a different location and want to know more details on how this will affect your Angling Club or Association, either contact UU direct or contact your local Fisheries Consultative Association
When visiting any of our Fisheries keep your eyes open for any signs of pollution, poaching, flooding or any sign of damage or danger to the natural water environment. This includes any signs of fish or water habitat fatality or, if the water at any time is coloured or covered with foam. It is very important to report these incidents to the Environment Agency Emergency Hotline Telephone 0800 80 70 60

Short Term Week Permits  1st June to 31st August are £40.00 Adult £20 Junior. each

Short Term Week Permits  1st September to 31st October are £70.00 Adult £35.00 Junior. each

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